Panasonic PT-SLW65C Projector Lamp with Module

Technical Information

Brand Panasonic
Projector Model PT-SLW65C
Lamp Part Number See "Alternative Lamp ID's"
Type Projector Lamp with Module
Internal SKU # MPLL09900

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F.A.Q. #1

Does this module match my projector?

See "Suitable Projectors" Above.

F.A.Q. #2

Is it as good as the bulb that came with my projector originally?

It is exactly the same quality, it is not an imitation lamp.

F.A.Q. #3

If I buy this item and find out it is the wrong item or doesn't work for any reason, can I get an exchange or refund?

EXCHANGES: You can return a lamp for exchange within 180 days of purchase. REFUNDS: You can return the lamp for ANY REASON within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund. *Restock fee may apply.

Question Answered

Will this lamp fit into A PANASONIC PROJECTOR MODEL PT-EW730Z /EW 730 WXGA? Asked by BYRON M. On Mar 12, 2022

Yes, this lamp will fit into your Panasonic PT-EW730Z projector as the projector is listed above in "Suitable Projectors".

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Mar 15, 2022

Question Answered

Want to confirm that this is a 335W UHM Lamp Asked by Bryan C. On Jul 26, 2017 offers 335 watt bulb with module for the ET-LAE300.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps On Aug 03, 2017

Yes, this is a PHILIPS=UHM or ultra high performance with mercury bulb.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Feb 08, 2022

Question Answered

Does this module work with the Panasonic PT-EZ770ZEJ projector? Asked by Greg E. On Feb 04, 2020

No, this specific module and lamp do not fit into Panasonic PT-EZ770ZEJ projector as it is not listed above in "Suitable Projectors".

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 13, 2022

Question Answered

Do you have the lamp for the Panasonic ET-LAE300 projector in stock? If so, what is the estimated time of arrival? Asked by Kaushal D. On Jun 02, 2020

Please contact our sales team: to see if the lamp for Panasonic ET-LAE300 is in stock.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jul 06, 2022

Question Answered

Is the ballast included with the module for ET-LAE300? Asked by Charles R. On Jan 30, 2023

We do not include the projector ballast with the module for the Panasonic ET-LAE300 projector. Please contact our customer support: 1-888-785-2677 for more information about ballasts and to see if we sell any ballasts. Or contact your projector manufacturer to order ballasts.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Jan 31, 2023

Question Answered

On the top of the projector it is PT-EW540 and then underneath EW540 WXGA. Is this the correct lamp for this projector and will I be able to fit this bulb into my projector myself or will I need a specialist/technician to put the bulb/bulb and module in my projector? Asked by Alison E. On Nov 01, 2023

The PT-EW540 is the projector and underneath the projector is incorrect and we do not sell a bulb for the EW540 WXGA, but they are the projectors. The bulb you need is Internal SKU#: MPLL09900 or the Panasonic ET-LAE300 bulb. No, you do not need a specialist/technician to put the bulb into your projector. To install a bare projector bulb, follow these steps. First, remove the retaining clip holding the old lamp in place. Then unscrew the wires connected to the bare projector bulb. Next replace the old lamp with a brand new replacement bulb and fasten the clip. Lastly, tighten the screws. To insert a bulb and module follow these steps. Make sure the projector is unplugged and sitting on a flat surface. Loosen the screw holding the projector lamp module cover in place and remove the panel. Unplug the old projector lamp and remove it from the projector. Plug the new projector lamp securely into place. Attach the panel back onto the projector and tighten the screw.

Answered by MyProjectorLamps Support On Nov 01, 2023

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