Who qualifies?

MPL Loyalty Discounts

MPL Loyalty Accounts provide members with many valuable features including:

  • Discounts based upon how many projector lamps you purchase over time.
  • Downloadable invoices on demand.
  • Tracking for each order placed with MPL.
  • Downloadable pricing catalog for up to three brands at a time.
  • Online click-to-process refund and exchange system.
  • Personal account manager.
For more information about payment methods that MPL accepts, please see our payment options section.

Resellers and Installers

The most important B2B relationships we have are with businesses that resell projector lamps, install projector lamps, do home theater construction and/ or projector repair companies. If you have a business like this, we encourage you to sign-up for our loyalty discount program.
The process of signing-up for an account is very simple, start by filling out the form found here -

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MyProjectorLamps aims to build long-term relationships with companies that need projector lamps on a regular basis. We believe that our customer service is unmatched in the industry, our refund and exchange process is simple and most importantly, our product quality cannot be beat.
Please visit the contact us page and ask for your regional manager by name.

Government and Military Discounts

As a company with offices around the world, we are proud to provide projector lamps at a discount to military organizations, government agencies, and government-affiliated non-profit organizations throughout Australia, the United States, Canada, Europe, UK, India, and other countries around the world.
For any questions, please contact Casper: 1800 646 091.
If you represent a government organization and wish to receive a discount on every projector lamp you buy, please apply to become a loyalty account holder.

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Worship Discounts

We are happy to provide projector lamps to churches, worship centers, synagogues, mosques, and other worship centers throughout Australia.
We understand that centers of worship often operate on a limited budget and therefore we offer discounts to all legitimate centers of worship. There is not a required purchase amount; even if you are purchasing just one lamp, we are more than happy to approve your organization for a discount.
If you want your worship center to receive a discount on every projector lamp purchase, apply to become an authorized account holder.

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Educational Discounts

Projector lamps and the classroom go hand in hand. We are proud to sell projector lamps throughout Australia to universities, colleges, grade schools, and many other learning and training institutions.
The loyalty account is not required for purchase, but our loyalty accounts list your purchase history, tracking numbers and allow for instant invoice and price list downloads.

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As a rule, we prefer to receive payments for projector lamps up front, so we offer several payment options, which are: Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal transfer.

We will also, however, accept orders from educational institutions only on a net-30 basis for volume orders.
If you have any questions about purchase orders, please contact Casper at 1800 646 091. For small orders, if your school has no other way of paying for projector lamps, please contact us and we will discuss payment options.

Most educational and training institutions will qualify for a discount with our company regardless of size and demand for projector lamps.